- New composition for ZaterdagMatinee, Concertgebouw A'dam

- Commission festival "Klassiek op het Amstelveld", Amsterdam with special guests Igor Roma (It) and Nikola Meeuwsen (Nl)

- "Danco Konsonanco" for ensemble Black Pencil

- Irrational Philosophy digital release

- Cloud Messenger digital release

- Orgelpark "Composer in Residence" double CD release

- "Cecilia" CD released

- "Liquid pArts" nominated

The artistic and intrinsic qualities of Cloud Messenger aroused interest of the media even before the world-premiere, below is an except from the well-known Dutch TV program Vrije Geluiden.

There is more information to discover under the tab Testimonials. If you wish to watch the whole program, follow this link, to watch the fragment from the show, please tap / click on the image below:



Press about Cloud-Messenger:

- And versatile is the latest production of e.g the Russian-Dutch composer Fred Momotenko. Just as the festival itself had wished ... a creator from now with electronics, projection and magical music for recorder and dance: Cloud Messenger, (VPRO, Dutch TV broadcast).

read more (in Dutch) or view the PDF file


- Fred Momotenko’s Dust Against the Wind (NL) would make excellent film music, which you would expect. (review from international Festival World Music Days 2012).

read more (in English) or view the PDF file

- Fred Momotenko, who previously interviewed by Thea Derks for Radio 4, Eigentijds and Muziekvan.nu, has presented Cloud Messenger, the three quarters of dance, projection, acoustic block-flutes sounds and electronics. It has provided a solid multimedia spectacle (Muziekvan.nu, website about 20th and 21th century music).

read more (in Dutch) or view the PDF file

A grateful gratitude and a high esteem for all support, effort and confidence.