- На Страстной | Na Strastnoy for NTR ZaterdagMatinee, Concertgebouw A'dam

- Commission festival "Klassiek op het Amstelveld", Amsterdam with special guests Igor Roma (It) and Nikola Meeuwsen (Nl)

- "Danco Konsonanco" for ensemble Black Pencil

- Irrational Philosophy digital release

- Cloud Messenger digital release

- Orgelpark "Composer in Residence" double CD release

- "Cecilia" CD released

- "Liquid pArts" nominated

"How I wish for you to be at that moment in Concertgebouw Amsterdam when an unforgettable premiere of the choir epopee "На Страстной | Na Strastnoy" took place ... Symbolically speaking, it was a true liberation...

The whole Concertgebouw audience: the supporters and the opponents were completely "agreed" with the music ....

NTR Radio 4 (Hans Haffmans, Frederike Berntsen) describes these moments as "very rare for contemporary music". Another review is here in: Dutch and English.

A fascinating silence in the audience during the concert and a long standing ovation of the concert hall after the finale partly speak about what we have achieved together. Please continue reading / listening / watching here.

Above is an excerpt from the pre-premiere on 23 November in Muziekcentrum van de Omroep. Hilversum (NL). With a great collaboration of the Dutch Radio Choir, Sigvards Kļava (LV) and NTR ZaterdagMatinee.

A grateful gratitude and a high esteem for all support, effort and confidence."